Expertise Projects

Linking Technology with Business.

ConvergedLinks consultants have successfully developed, deployed and launched new products, services and systems solutions for leading global players. We focus on emerging technologies - yet we have a deep understanding of what it takes to turn technology into a competitive and sustainable business.
Some of our recent selected projects (*) include. Please contact us with your specific needs.

  • 3G Wireless Offload strategy for a major network operator –including identifying hotspots and rollout plan.

  • Product strategy for a leading Wireless Broadband Equipment vendor to enter the emerging Smart Grid space.

  • Innovative strategy and vendor selection for a multi-national conglomerate to deploy LTE, femtocells, picocells and to provide MVNO services to their clients.

  • Wireless based monitoring and protection system for a Smart Grid application – for a new Hydro Distribution Generator.

  • Market assessment and regional analysis for a new Broadband Wireless operator in a developing country. Business case development and technical analysis including rollout plans and equipment vendors.

  • Independent RFI /RFP response for a major Scandinavian Network Operator deploying and innovative indoor/outdoor solution including picocell and MVNO.

  • Multi-language Digital Signage project for a major healthcare provider. This uses state of the art wireless and wireline displays, network and servers.

  • IPTV system design based on WiMAX and Wi-Fi for a service provider targeting customers in an urban, semi-rural area.

  • Digital video surveillance systems for mobile, fixed and nomadic applications including video analytics and wireless connectivity.

  • WiMAX and Wi-Fi based public safety and security network with citywide coverage. This used mesh networking with multiple end user devices.

  • Home networking appliances including xDSL, Cable (MoCA), Powerline and Wireless – product validation and positioning.

  • Location based technologies and applications including GPS, UWB and Wi-Fi – targeted advertising, information services and safety/E-911 for transportation market. Market analysis and business case development.

  • Custom development of and innovative wireless based leachate depth and flow measurement system for a major waste management operator. Our team provided the expertise in Industrial Automation, SCADA, Mesh Wireless and business process.

  • Market and business analysis for new application area for a broadband wireless equipment vendor to support funding application.

  • Support broadcast applications for Digital TV transition – this included business and RF contour evaluation.

  • Newborn and infant monitoring and security system for a healthcare provider using wireless technology including Wi-Fi and RFID.