Expertise Projects

Leveraging emerging technologies to build a sustainable business

ConvergedLinks consultants and associates have successfully developed, deployed and launched new products, services and systems solutions for leading global players and clients. We focus on emerging technologies and game changers, yet we have a deep understanding of what it takes to turn disruptive technology into a competitive and sustainable business.

Some of our projects (*) include.

Development of 3G/Wi-Fi offload strategy for a major network operator –including identifying hotspots and rollout plan.

Report on various active and passive network sharing options for mobile operators including spectrum sharing, MOCA and MOCN. 

RFI /RFP response for a major Scandinavian Network Operator deploying and innovative indoor/outdoor broadband solution including mobile, MVNO and Wi-Fi with seamless connectivity. 

Evaluation of market size and product opportunities for products based on innovative analogue signal processing and metamaterials in the 60GHz spectrum.

Impact of LEO satellites on the provision of broadband in rural and remote areas.

Development of quality of service metrics for high quality broadband access. 

Recommendation on options available to prevent and trace spoofed caller id calls using approaches such as STIR/SHAKEN and ML/AI techniques.

Impact of network virtualization on future services and regulations, including 5G networks.

Product strategy for a leading wireless broadband equipment vendor to enter the distributed power generation and Smart Grid space. This included market size, distribution channels and GTM strategy. 

Wireless based monitoring and protection system including anti-islanding protection for a distributed power generator. This included SCADA systems using Modbus and DNP3. 

System design for IPTV service using WiMAX and Wi-Fi for a service provider targeting customers in an urban, semi-rural area in Canada. This includes backhaul, video cache and access. 

Custom development of an innovative wireless based IoT product line to monitor leachate depth and flow for a major waste management operator. ConvergedLinks provided the expertise in Internet of things (IIoT), SCADA, mesh wireless and support systems. This included ZigBee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular and low power solar operation. 

Digital video surveillance systems for mobile, fixed and nomadic applications including video analytics and wireless connectivity. This included wayside video for rail.

Technical and business case analysis for a broadband wireless equipment vendor to support funding application for rural broadband. This included technical and financial responses to RFI. 

Development of complete end-end multi-language Digital Signage project for a major healthcare provider using state of the art wireless and wireline displays, network and servers.

(*) Many of our projects are covered by NDA with clients. Please contact us about your specific needs.