Systems Solutions Analysis Business Planning

Linking Technology with Business.
  • Evaluation of new technologies and products in the context of meeting your needs. We carry out technical and business evaluation and recommend the best solution based on your budget and requirements. We work for you and select the vendor(s) best suited for the applications.

  • Identify new applications that are enabled by developing technology and provide insight on how you can leverage this for a competitive edge.

  • Product and Technology Roadmap development based on applications for new technology.

  • Due diligence and Intellectual property valuation, patents and valuation of new technology claims.

  • Make versus Buy – business and technical analysis based on regulatory, technical and other considerations. We bring our expertise to help make the best choice.

  • Competitive analysis of proposed new product or technology – including SWOT and PEST analysis.

  • Market segmentation, value proposition and Go-to-market (GTM) strategy.

  • Market and customer validation and feedback of product concept – feature set prioritization.

  • Regulatory analysis – per region/country. Identify any issues that may prevent product or service from being offered.